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Fuel Station Construction Company

What We Provide

Turnkey fuel stations (including associated buildings such as car washes and convenience stores), above ground installations, 24-hour cardlock fueling systems. We provide underground tank removals, decommissioning, and environmental reporting. We ensure minimized downtime to get you open sooner with a firm schedule to complete your project on-time & on-budget. We offer a full 1-year warranty and dispenser warranty service.

Experienced with most fuel station brands

A Leader In The Industry

Wayne Fueling Station Partner
Authorized Dover / Wayne Fueling Systems warranty service provider
Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association Affiliate
We’re proud to be a member of the Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association.

fuel Station Construction

Fully Licensed Team

We are fully licenced by T.S.S.A. and employ trained PMH, PM1, PM2, PM3 technicians and an O.P.C.A. member. We provide fuel system maintenance, repairs, and annual inspections required by T.S.S.A.

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